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Model: bike accessories 223
Upgraded and redesigned for Year 11, Lezyne's ABS1 Pro further advances our classic Flip-Thread Chuck system. It features a 90° design for enhanced function and usability. The highly durable construction is built using machined aluminum and composite matrix materials, with an extremely robust and fl..
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Model: bike accessories 392
Floor pump nylon braided hose with an included ABS1 Pro chuck, compatible with the Pressure Overdrive and Digital Pressure Overdrive...
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Model: bike accessories 193
- High-volume design with a durable alloy barrel- DuoHead Comp head fits Schrader / Presta- 1-inch gauge | 160 psi / 11 bar- T-Grip handle- Bracket and mounting screws included..
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Model: bike accessories 136
Prestacycle's new Mini Angle Presta Head has more room to fit into more wheels. It includes their newest version of the Mini Presta Head Gasket using Urethane Elastomer. It’s softer and stronger. It lasts more than 5 times longer, gives a better seal and flexes to work anywhere along the Presta shaf..
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Model: bike accessories 353
The Kenai Outdoors Blast 2x pump offers the features and ease of use of a floor pump in a compact, easy to carry package. With folding foot pegs and t-handle, telescoping high volume barrel and flexible hose, the Blast 2x makes filling tires while on the road or trail easy.- Steel barrel with plasti..
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Model: bike accessories 469
Lezyne's Digital Check Drive is an innovative, compact digital pressure gauge. Composite matrix construction with integrated, low-profile Digital Strip Gauge. Machined aluminum head with flip-style Presta or Schrader valve compatible chuck. Super portable, highly accurate system.- Max: 350 psi/24 ba..
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Model: bike accessories 599
The Digital Shock Drive features incredibly compact and lightweight aluminum construction with a cleverly integrated hose that threads into the handle when not in use. Highlighting the Digital Shock Drive is the ultra low-profile digital gauge that’s built into the pump’s aluminum body. This innovat..
$47.00 $79.00
Model: bike accessories 582
The Cane Creek Double Barrel Air Digital Shock Pump offers a digital display and zero-loss air valve to provide the most accurate pressure on both forks and rear shocks. Laser etching on the body allows you to precisely measure sag, the most important step in setting up an air-sprung suspension.- Ma..
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Model: bike accessories 99
Lezyne's Dual Valve Pump Head is compatible with all high-pressure floor pumps and fits Presta and Schrader valves. Featuring durable composite construction and an aluminum locking lever, it's ready to pump when you are...
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Model: bike accessories 270
Don't guess at your tire pressure, know with Sunlite's Duo Sport Gauge. This precision gauge reads your pressure accurately to 160 psi. The dual head works and plays well with both Presta and Schrader valves, too...
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Model: bike accessories 213
If you're rolling on fat tires, the Fat Max 15 is for you. Most tire gauges just don't offer the precision needed for fat tires where 1 or 2 psi can make a huge difference. The strong and durable Fat Max 15 is specifically designed to read tire pressures from 2-15 psi so you can take the guess work ..
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Model: bike accessories 571
Years ago while Josh was working with the Team CSC at the Dauphine Libere, he noticed one of their mechanics using the most amazing little chuck to manage the disc wheel inflation. Unlike anything he had seen before, it was all metal and used a 'lollipop' lever on the side to lock onto the valve ste..
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